The Wall-Stiles

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Bruce Brough - vocals, guitar, harmonica, song writing

Apparently, I was born into the Von Trapp family, minus a couple kids and the lederhosens. Whether we were in our old VW van, around the breakfast table, climbing a mountain, or biking a back road, songs were always emanating from our mouths. It drove me crazy, but it also made me breathe music, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to perform in some great musical groups – some choral, some a cappella, some with my guitar, some thankfully disbanded (!) – and I’ve tinkered with several instruments along the way. But only in the last decade or so, with the encouragement of some terrific individuals, have I found new musical expression through song writing. In 2004, I released my first solo CD, “Waiting for the Sun”, which allowed me to explore the connections between people and nature, but which also made me realize that music comes to me so much more easily than lyrics. Then, 2 years ago, an opportunity arose. You see, Dave knew John, and I knew Nate, but Dave also knew me and he introduced me to John who had an uncle who married his half-sister who once had a dream about Kevin Bacon, and....ahhh, skip it. We formed a band, The Wall-Stiles. This group of fantastic, musically-gifted friends – ne’er-do-wells, really - has given my newer songs an infusion of energy and dynamism that we want to share with the WORLD! Or at least our parents. In truth, we appreciate all the support that friends, family, and even complete strangers have given us, but we’re also old enough to recognize that the process, which we enjoy immensely, is just as important as the final product. We just have a good time together. One of these days we hope to release a new CD, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our music as much as we do playing it (our goal is to become an incredibly famous unknown band). Of course, as the band can attest, I still struggle writing lyrics, but I’m a Von Trapp, damn-it, not a Bronte.
Waiting For The Sun album cover

Solo recording, entitled "Waiting For The Sun", released in 2004.

Sample Song List

Tracks Album
Flea And The Buffalo Waiting For The Sun Listen
Choices Waiting For The Sun Listen
Seven Crows Waiting For The Sun Listen

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