The Wall-Stiles

Dave Barthel Photo

Dave Barthel - bass

I've always loved music... predominantly as a listener; but I've also enjoyed noodling around on whatever instrument happened to be within arm's reach. Bruce first tapped me to fill in on percussion for his first solo CD release party performance (he played all the instruments on the actual CD). That night, a virgin to live performance and to stage fright, I saw a sign backstage that read, "If you can't make a mistake, you can't make anything." Well, I certainly made something out there on stage; I thought that was the end of my music career. But as luck would have it, after introducing Bruce and John, I soon found myself quickly enveloped in a rare and special alchemy that has become the Wall-Stiles. Bruce and John encouraged me to pick up the bass to add yet another dimension to Bruce's songs. As it turns out, playing with them has added another dimension to music for me. I'm privileged to have their guidance, support, and votes of confidence as I continue to learn the ropes of live performance.

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