The Wall-Stiles

John Foster Photo

John Foster - drums, percussion, siren whistle

I started playing drums at 12, on a neighbor's "junior" drum set. I played with local groups while in junior high and high school, then joined a band in Ohio at age 16 to play full time. Hard to believe looking back, but my parents actually encouraged me to take the job in Ohio. I guess they were trying to get me out of the house!

I was offered a job with a band in Nashville, and worked in Nashville as a musician for several years, playing on the road and doing studio work. I met my wife, Becky in Nashville (a Nashville native!). I've had several careers since those days, working as an electronics technician, GIS Analyst, and now as a scientist with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Hanover, NH (my music friends from Nashville say, "you do what???!!!"). I kept playing drums to some extent through all those years. Getting to know Bruce and getting to contribute to his music has been great. I'm also having a good time getting reacquainted with "band life" as a member of The Wall-Stiles. I'm looking forward to more people hearing Bruce's songs -- that keeps me inspired!

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